CQRS & EventSourcing discovery


Florent @florentpellet

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Emilien @ouarzy

Who are we ?

  • 4 passionate guys initiated this workshop in 2015
  • Feel free to give some feedback on GitHub
  • Clément
  • Emilien
  • Florent
  • Jean

CQRS Concept


Ref. "Conceptual CQRS" - Alberto Brandolini

Event Sourcing Concept

Event Sourcing

NB: DecisionProjection is also called State

Ref. Jérémie Chassaing

The new unicorn

We’ll revolutionize the web!

We’ll create a product like Twitter but better ...

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we'll quack!


Event Storming mixter

eventstorming 2 eventstorming 1 eventstorming 3 eventstorming 4

Ref. "Event Storming" - Alberto Brandolini

Test Driven Workshop

  • Working in pairs
  • Execute "run" script and read instructions

  • Red Test => Green Test

  • 3 steps (+2 Bonus)
    • Command DeleteMessage
    • Query Timeline Message
    • Events in aggregate

Focus on Core Domain

  • Do not change
    • Tests code
    • Infrastructure code

  • You can see Identity context implementation as example

GIT Repository

git clone https://github.com/DevLyon/mixter.git


Slide : http://devlyon.fr/mixter/

1. Delete Command

What we will learn :

  • publish events from aggregate,
  • use projection for decision inside aggregate (contains only "state" for future decision, DO NOT keep all state like in an entity)
  • Implement "business rules" that insure aggregate consistency (based on decision projection and command=method parameters)

In brief : the C of CQRS

  • eventstorming
  • cqrs

2. Timeline messages Projection

What we will learn :

  • Create another model for Query (Projection, TimelineMessageProjection)
  • Transform events in a projection model through an EventHandler
  • A projection repository (in-memory) with its interface is given

In brief : Q of CQRS

  • eventstorming
  • cqrs

3. Subscription Aggregate

What we will learn :

  • Create a new aggregate (Subscription)
  • Raise events from it : UserFollowed and UserUnfollowed
  • Create a decision projection for it
  • Implement replay of events (event sourced aggregate)

In brief : C of CQRS + Event Sourcing

  • eventstorming
  • eventsourcing

4. Aggregates interaction

What we will learn :

  • Coordinate several aggregates to limit coupling
  • Concept of " Eventual consistency"
  • eventstorming

5. Command Handler

What we will learn :

  • Integrate previous code from Message & Identity contexts in a command
  • Write some web infrastructure code executing the command

=> Request Rest to execute delete Message command, with session validity verification
NB : no tests for this step for now…

  • cqrs

CQRS & EventSourcing discovery


Florent @florentpellet

Clément @clem_bouillier

Jean @jeanhelou

Emilien @ouarzy